1. Slow down before the crest (top) of every hill to avoid becoming airborn and causing extensive DAMAGE OR DEATH.
  2. D0 not make sharp turns, donuts, or power slides.  Tires are set at a low pressure and can easily roll of the rim.
  3. Do not drive in any water.
  4. Stay off southern directional area.  This will be pointed out to you on the map provided.
  5. Use 4 wheel high, never 4 low.
  6. Go slow over wash boards, wash boards are a bunch of little hills in a row and can cause damage to you and the Jeep.
  7. Always be aware of vehicles around you.
  8. Be careful in the tree areas.  You could slide into them causing damage and injury.
  9. Do not stand or sit on hood or fenders.
  10. You are responsible for all damage to the vehicle while it is in your care.  Look it over before you leave.
  11. If you need assistance, please call us on the 2-way radio in you Jeep.
  12. If these are instructions are not followed, you will be escorted off the dunes without refund and loss of your deposit.   


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